Best way to add decorate and add sparkle to your cold process soap

Best way to add decorate and add sparkle to your cold process soap

What is the best way to decorate an add sparkle to your cold process soap?

Cold Process soap making is a great way to create natural and sustainable products using only the ingredients that you want in your soaps and on your body. homemade soap doesn't have to mean boring, consider adding a little something to the top of your soap to give it a little individuality and extra sparkle.


You may already be using mica powders to color your soap batter. Mica powder is another colorants are a great way to make your soap unique and provide an easy way to coordinate the color and the scent. Mica powder is come in lots of different colors and are made from natural and artificial ingredients. Always read the labels to determine how your colorants are made. The trouble with Mica is that it's a very fine powder. you can find flat colors and a few metallic finishes, but they don't really show up in the soap. You mainly get flat colors from them. Some people will take mica powders mixed with a little bit of oil to drizzle on top of the soap getting a metallic splatter paint effect, but that is where the glitz and sparkle end.

Adding Glitter to Cold Process Soap

If you want a true sparkle on your soap, you're going to have to use a glitter. many inexpensive glitters that you'll find at the craft stores are made from plastic or plastic and metallic elements. not only can this ingredient be harsh on your skin, but once the glitter washes off the soap, it ends up in your drain and potentially in our water systems. Our oceans are flooded with microplastics and traditional plastic craft glitter glitter is a big source of that.

Choose Biodegradable Glitter to decorate Cold Process Soap

I you want to make your soaps even more eco-friendly and also sparkly, you should consider using biodegradable glitter. Biodegradable glitter is made from plant-based materials, making it an excellent choice for soap makers who want to reduce their plastic footprint. Not only does it look beautiful in soap and give you the same sparkling shine you got from plastic glitter, but it's also safe for the environment. With eco glitter, you can make gorgeous soaps without the worry of plastic pollution. Eco Glitter, like the glitter from Star Sprinkles, is an amazing additive for your soapmaking needs. It looks beautiful and is safe for the environment. It comes in almost any color you can imagine, including iridescent sparkles and holo or holographic sparkles. Star sprinkles even has some colors and mixes that are black light reactive for when you want to turn your shower into a party. 
There are many options to decorate your cold process soap and make it truly unique. experiment with them all and find the one that suits your individual style best.
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