plant-based glitter comes in many colors.

What is Plant Based Glitter?

What is plant-based glitter

Plant based glitter is a great alternative to traditional glitter that is made from plastic. It is made from plant cellulose and can be used for all kinds of creative projects. It's a great way to add some sparkle to your crafts without the environmental impact of plastic glitter.

Uses for plant based glitter 

Plant based glitter has many uses, from adding sparkle to cards and decorations to making fun costumes and accessories. many soap makers, bath bomb makers and bath product makers choose plant based glitter to minimize the plastic that will end up in our waterways. candlemakers also frequently use glitter made from plant fiber when decorating their candles. if the candle flame catches traditional glitter, it is burning plastic. plant-based glitter offers an obvious, preferable alternative to burning plastic. It's also perfect for festivals, parties, and other special occasions where you want to add some extra shine. With its vibrant colors, it's sure to make any project or event stand out!

What is plant based glitter made from

Plant-based glitter is made from multiple types of plant cellulose. sometimes it's bamboo cellulose, vegetable skins or onion powder. The plant-based fibers do sometimes limit the number of colors and finishes that are available, but you are sure to find a color that will match your project. because the complicated manufacturing process, plant-based glitter is also more expensive than traditional plastic glitter. but the extra cost is nothing in comparison to keeping harmful plastics out of our waterways or burning plastic and releasing toxic fumes if you are adding glitter to candles.


Where to buy plant-based glitter

Plastic free glitter is more difficult to find than traditional craft glitter. It is typically not available at your local craft stores, but luckily there are reputable online retailers like where many colors, sizes finishes and even custom plastic free glitter mixes are available. a reputable plant-based glitter company will also do everything they can to minimize the plastic in their business. expect your package to come in paper or biodegradable plastic and expect your glitter to come in biodegradable zip bags, metal tens or even glass jars.


Plant based glitter is a great alternative for traditional plastic glitter. The plant fiber glitter is made to perform just like traditional glitter and new technologies are making new colors and finishes possible every day.

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