About Star Sprinkles

I am a born and raised southern girl and we love our sparkle and glitter. I have always been a crafter and somewhat of a body product connoisseur. A few years ago those interest collided when I discovered cold process soap making. I was instantly hooked and I made soap for everyone and anyone that would take it. I loved experimenting with new colors and scents and as a girly southern girl, I of course topped every bar with glitter. I quickly learned not to use craft glitter but to use biodegradable glitter for my projects so the plastic would not end up in the water. However, I was often frustrated that I couldn't find the glitter mixes I wanted or that I needed to buy multiple colors of biodegradable glitter to make my own mixes.
I began to look at different sources for biodegradable and plant-based glitters so that I could create my own mixes and offer custom mixes to the soap making community. That's how Star Sprinkles was born. of course, biodegradable glitter isn't just for soap making, it's also for bath bombs, body butters, candles, wax melts, and of course, face and body glitter.
I love creating these glitter blends and I can't wait to see what everyone makes with them!