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Star Sprinkles Eco Glitter

Hairy Canary Yellow BlackLight Biodegradable Eco Glitter

Hairy Canary Yellow BlackLight Biodegradable Eco Glitter

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Hairy Canary Yellow blacklight Biodegradable Glitter

 Eco Glitter is plant based Glitter and certified biodegradable and compostable.

Hairy Canary is part of the Neon collection. It is multi size mix of blacklight glow biodegradable glitter flakes in yellow.

Add glitter to your life, not harmful plastic to the ocean. StarSprinkles glitter is high quality with bright colors and lots of shine and always made of plant fiber not harmful plastic.

This glitter will take you from shower to the club. The Neon colors are bright and shiny and glow under the blacklight. Combined with alcohol free aloe gel, this glitter is a unique face and body glitter, hair Glitter or beard glitter.

 It is great for 
* Face glitter and Body glitter
* Melt and pour Soap making
* Cold Process Soap making
* Slime glitter 
* Homemade Bathbomb making
* Homemade Body Scrub making
* Homemade body Lotion making 
* Crafts
* Festival Glitter 
* Hair Glitter
* Beard Glitter 
* Candle glitter
* Wax Melt glitter
* Cosmetic glitter
* Cheer team glitter, dance team glitter and team fan glitter

StarSprinkles glitter is a great alternative to traditional PET plastic glitter. StarSprinkles glitter is made from plant fiber and is biodegradable and certified compostable. Even though this is a plant fiber eco glitter, it will stand up to most of your projects including water-based projects like soap, bath bombs and slime. Any project that uses traditional glitter can be done using StarSprinkles biodegradable glitter. Crafters, kids, cheer teams, fans and dance teams all use StarSprinkles glitter to add sparkle to craft projects. Our glitter is also cosmetic grade glitter and great for face glitter, body glitter, hair glitter or beard glitter for performances or games.

If you require larger quantities, we can likely do that. Contact us for pricing.

Custom blends also available for your projects or to match your dance team, cheer team or school colors. Custom blends are sold in minimum quantity of 50g. Contact us for pricing, production time and discounts on custom blends.

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