Star Sprinkles Biodegradable Glitter

Couldron Bubble- Biodegradable Glitter

Couldron Bubble- Biodegradable Glitter

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Couldron Bubble- Black, Purple, Green and Orange Mix Biodegradable Glitter

 Star Sprinkles Glitter is plant based Glitter and certified biodegradable and compostable.

Halloween is no longer just black and orange. cauldron bubble is the new age twist on Halloween colors combining black metallic, purple metallic and neon green and orange glitter flakes in multiple sizes. this is a perfect witchy mix and would work great with candy scents. 


Add glitter to your life, not harmful plastic to the ocean. StarSprinkles glitter is high quality with bright colors and lots of shine and always made of plant fiber not harmful plastic.

If you require larger quantities, contact us for pricing.

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