Star Sprinkles Biodegradable Glitter

Crawfish Boil - Biodegradable Glitter -Red

Crawfish Boil - Biodegradable Glitter -Red

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Crawfish Boil Red Biodegradable Glitter

 Star Sprinkles Glitter is plant based Glitter and certified biodegradable and compostable.

Crawfish Boil is  red metallic biodegradable glitter flakes in mixed sizes.

Add glitter to your life, not harmful plastic to the ocean. StarSprinkles glitter is full of saturated colors and always provides tons of sparkle and shine. the solid color red metallic mix will pair well with any Valentines, Christmas , strawberry or cherry themed soap or bath bombs.

solid red is also a popular choice to accent cosplay or Halloween costumes, of course it's also popular with cheer teams and fans since many team colors are red. Star Sprinkles biodegradable glitter is cosmetic grade and generally safe for face and hair. Glitter gel is available in the store or you can make your own with an alcohol-free gel base. Glitter gel applies easily to face body, hair and beard.

If you require larger quantities, we can likely do that. Contact us for pricing.

Custom blends also available for your projects or to match your dance team, cheer team or school colors. Custom blends are sold in minimum quantity of 50g. Contact us for pricing, production time and discounts on custom blends.
Introducing our stunning Metallic Red Biodegradable Glitter! Add a dash of bold and vibrant shine to your crafts, makeup looks, or home decor projects. Our environmentally-friendly glitter is not only visually captivating but also guilt-free, as it is made from biodegradable materials to help reduce plastic waste.

Featuring a vivid red hue with a metallic finish, this glitter will instantly transform any plain surface into a captivating showstopper. Whether you're embellishing greeting cards, costume designs, or even your nails, the Metallic Red Biodegradable Glitter is carefully designed to catch the light and dazzle with every movement.

Crafted with utmost care, this biodegradable glitter is non-toxic and safe for use on the skin, making it ideal for face and body art. 

Additionally, this eco-friendly glitter is easily removed without harming the environment. Simply rinse it away or let it decompose naturally, knowing that it won't contribute to the growing microplastic pollution crisis. You can enjoy the dazzling effect of glitter while being mindful of our planet.

With our Metallic Red Biodegradable Glitter, you can create eye-catching designs that shine with a clear conscience.
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