Star Sprinkles Biodegradable Glitter

I πŸ’œ Rainbows Eco Glitter

I πŸ’œ Rainbows Eco Glitter

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I πŸ’œ Rainbows Mix Biodegradable Glitter

Β Star Sprinkles Glitter is plant based Glitter and certified biodegradable and compostable.

I πŸ’œ RainbowsΒ  is a mix of all of the colors of the rainbow in multiple size metallic biodegradable glitter. This mix has bright, saturated glitters in red, orange, gold, green, blue and violet. It is the perfect accent when one color of the rainbow just isn't enough. Great for rainbow themes, birthday themes are pride theme soap, bathbombs or candle. It is also available in a glitter packed glitter gel for face, body, hair and beard, just in time for parades and celebrations.

Add glitter to your life, not harmful plastic to the ocean. StarSprinkles glitter is high quality with bright colors and lots of shine and always made of plant fiber not harmful plastic.Β 

If you require larger quantities, we can likely do that. Contact us for pricing.

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